Typically, after primary prevention of obesity people tend to regain excessive body weight. This happens because after they reach the desired weight loss, they return to old eating habits and lifestyle. In this case, a secondary prevention of obesity is required.

What is secondary prevention of obesity anyway? The basic principle of secondary prevention of obesity is to return overweight person to a normal lifestyle, eliminate bad eating habits and food addiction.

Just like the primary prevention of obesity, secondary prevention of obesity combines drug therapy (using weight loss drugs) and non-drug therapy (diet, exercises). For a drug anti-obesity therapy, dieticians prescribe Phentermine pills, for non-drug therapy – hypocaloric diet and complex of physical exercises.

If a person loses at least 10% of his body weight, his health improves significantly and the risk of obesity comorbidities decreases. Usually, the comorbidities like diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, dyspnea and musculoskeletal disorders come along with obesity. Using Phentermine slimming pills in combination with high physical activity will prevent (or lessen) the symptoms of these comorbidities.

In secondary prevention of obesity, Phentermine pills are used maximum three months. Many people, who used Phentermine for weight loss earlier, know that they should start with minimal doses and do breaks after each month of using these diet pills. Between two or three treatment courses by means of Phentermine slimming pills, a patient should continue eating healthily and doing exercises. This will help to maintain weight loss results, and to wean off the pills after the end of the entire anti-obesity therapy.

As it was mentioned above, Phentermine diet pills help to burn extra fat and lose weight, as well as improve overall health. Thus, after using Phentermine and achieving a satisfactory weight loss result, patients notice a decrease in symptoms of other diseases they had. Many patients who used Phentermine slimming pills, reported that they had a better sleep, normal levels of blood pressure and blood sugar, good mood and a lot of motivation to continue the weight loss therapy. Others managed to begin a new life with the help of Phentermine pills. After they achieved their goal weight and stopped using Phentermine, they have noticed that it was much easier to stick to the right eating habits without the help of this anti-obesity drug. It means that Phentermine slimming pills not only help to reduce extra weight, but also to avoid the recurrence of obesity in future.

If you have been using Phentermine during anti-obesity therapy and you need to use it for secondary prevention of obesity, you need to visit a doctor. If you want this time to save more money, you can order Phentermine pills online. Online pharmacies provide beneficial discounts for loyal customers and people who order a large pack of Phentermine pills.