Phentermine weight loss pills are often used by obese women of childbearing age. Such women should know that they must not use Phentermine during pregnancy.

Just as most of the prescribed drugs, Phentermine may cause a negative influence on fetal growth. Expectant mothers should take only those medications that were prescribed by the doctor.

If you are planning to get pregnant and you are overweight, then you shall reduce your body mass first, and after that try to get pregnant. Overweight and obesity may cause some complications during pregnancy or delivery:

  • High level of glucose and protein in urine
  • Surgery and labor stimulation
  • Tissue damage in mother and child

Women, who live an active sexual life, are recommended to use Phentermine and do the pregnancy test regularly. If pregnancy test is positive, then a woman should stop using Phentermine weight loss pills.

Using Phentermine appetite suppressant does not affect women’s ability to get pregnant. While a husband, using Phentermine poses no risk for his wife’s pregnancy.

Typically, the body mass increases during pregnancy, therefore women should refuse from any diet pills. In pregnancy, women should take all the essential macro- and micro-elements.

In mild overweight, it is recommended to use Phentermine slimming pills after pregnancy. Please note that Phentermine must be only used after you stop breastfeeding your child.

Phentermine can be absorbed into breast milk, getting into the baby’s body. Phentermine diet pills stimulate the brain and may cause tremor or excitation in a baby.

Before you buy Phentermine weight loss pills, please consult your doctor. Your and your baby’s health depends on how responsible you are when using Phentermine stimulant.