Phentermine and Mazindol drugs are designated to treat obesity, since they are similar to amphetamine by their pharmacological effect. These drugs are meant for patients with BMI 30 and higher or with BMI over 27 but in the presence of diabetes, hypertension or high level of lipids.

How do Phentermine and Mazindol work?

Phentermine is a psychostimulant affecting the central nervous system (CNS) and reducing appetite significantly. Phentermine diet pills can reduce weight effectively only if a patient sticks to a diet and increases his daily physical activity. Phentermine is recommended for a short-term obesity treatment (maximum 12 weeks).

Phentermine diet pills are designed for oral use. You can buy Phentermine in capsules and tablets. The dose may differ – 15 mg, 30 mg or 37.5 mg, depending on the manufacturer.

The FDA approved this drug for the treatment of obesity in 1959. For over 50 years, Phentermine has been very popular in the world, so today it is the best-selling prescription drug for obesity treatment in the USA.

Mazindol is a sympathomimetic amine and it is designed only for a short-term use. When Mazindol gets into the blood stream, it stimulates the CNS, changing the serotonin level and reducing the appetite. After a few weeks of using Mazindol, its pharmacological effect may decrease.

Mazindol diet pills were designed for oral use. This medication is known under the trade names Mazanor, Sanorex and it is available in form of tablets, dozed 1 mg or 2 mg at the U.S. pharmacies. Currently the FDA banned Mazindol for the treatment of obesity within the USA.

Can Phentermine and Mazindol provoke side effects?

Phentermine provides the same pharmacological effect as Mazindol on the body of an overweight patient. Using any of these two drugs can cause such side effects as:

  • Dyspnea or abnormal breathing;
  • Chest pain or headache;
  • Difficulty falling asleep and sleep maintenance;
  • Emotional instability or uncertainty;
  • Persistent or uncontrolled feeling of fear;
  • Uncontrolled or frequent defecation.

Phentermine and Mazindol can affect the activity of cardiovascular system significantly. Hence, the most severe side effects are high blood pressure and change in heart rate.

Phentermine and Mazindol drugs must not be used in severe cardiovascular diseases. In rare cases, these medications can cause an irreversible necrosis of the heart muscle and acute cerebrovascular accident.

The main drawback of Mazindol is that it is recommended for use within several weeks only and that it can cause addiction. Patients using Mazindol can become mentally or physically dependent of this drug.

Obviously Phentermine drug has more advantages and less disadvantages than Mazindol has. So, the FDA banned Mazindol in obesity treatment for a reason. The truth is that Mazindol can cause more harm than benefit for some patients.