Phentermine weight loss pills are prescribed to patients for a short-term anti-obesity therapy only. Phentermine effectively reduces the body weight in people with visceral and subcutaneous obesity.

Usually, Phentermine is indicated for patients, whose diagnosis is obesity (BMI over 30). Most patients, using Phentermine can lose up to 5-15% of their body mass.

The CNS stimulant Phentermine can be prescribed to patients with BMI 25 to 30 if they have comorbidities – diabetes, high blood pressure and abnormal level of lipids in the blood plasma.

Phentermine is never prescribed to patients, whose obesity is just a symptom of some other disease or pathology, for example:

  • Endocrinal disorders
  • Brain disease
  • Congenital genetic disorder
  • Iatrogenic effect

Phentermine appetite suppressant is commonly prescribed to those patients, who managed to reduce their body weight without help by 3-5% within several months. Phentermine drug can speed up your struggle with obesity, but cannot solve problems for you.

Phentermine is indicated for those only, who increased physical activity and changed the diet but did not achieved a significant weight loss. If you successfully treat obesity, doctor will never prescribe you Phentermine.

Phentermine psychostimulant may cause addiction and it is ineffective in a prolonged therapy:

  • The recommended term of Phentermine use is 5-8 weeks.
  • Maximum term of use of Phentermine weight loss pills is 12 weeks.

All prescription drugs must be used along with changed lifestyle. Thus, all changes in dietary habits must be accepted as a new lifestyle, but not as restrictions.

You can buy Phentermine or other prescription and over-the-counter anti-obesity drug and use it when needed. Anyway, the success in obesity treatment and the fat burning rate will depend on your motivation and aspiration to lose extra kilograms.