On international market, Phentermine is controlled by Convention on Psychotropic Substances. The Convention stipulate restrictions on distribution and other measures, directed to limit the consumption of Phentermine and other psychostimulants.

People can buy Phentermine appetite suppressant in many countries, although it was withdrawn from pharmacological market in France, Germany and Italy. Despite the risks of side effects from the cardiovascular and central nervous systems, Phentermine is still the most popular prescription appetite suppressant in the USA and Australia.

At the U.S. pharmacies, you can buy several drugs, containing Phentermine, for example:

  • Suprenza – Citius Pharma
  • Adipex – Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Phentermine Resin Complex – Lannett Holdings
  • Phentermine Hydrochloride (HCL)

Phentermine HCL is an international nonproprietary name that can be used by any pharmacological company. At the moment, there are many companies in the USA, producing and selling Phentermine HCL weight loss pills.

Within Australia, you can buy such generic drugs of Phentermine as:

  • Metermine – iNova
  • Duromine – iNova
  • Phentermine Resin – iNova
  • Phentermine Resin – Valeant

Generic versions of Phentermine suppress appetite, enhancing metabolism and reducing the body mass. In addition, all the weight loss pills that contain the active substance Phentermine may cause a negative effect and side effects in the body.

Most pharmacological companies supply Phentermine generic drugs to international market in two forms:

  • Phentermine HCL (salt)
  • Extended-release Phentermine (resins)

People can buy Phentermine capsules or tablets on the world market. In different regions of the world, Phentermine capsules or tablets cost may differ. Therefore, before you buy it, learn the prices on these weight loss pills at the nearest pharmacies.