Not all the patients, who have overweight or obesity, can buy Phentermine diet pills at pharmacies. Phentermine are sold at pharmacies in most countries by prescription only. To buy Phentermine people should get a prescription.

Prescription is a written note from a doctor to a pharmacist that will allow to sell a medication to a patient. Therefore, to get a prescription, people should visit a doctor.

The doctor’s actions and issuance of a prescription depend on a patient’s state and complaints.

  • Phentermine diet pills are prescribed to patients with body mass index (BMI) over 30.
  • Phentermine diet pills can be prescribed in BMI 27 and higher, if a patient has diabetes, hypertension or dyslipidemia.

Having diagnosed obesity or overweight, the doctor should ask a patient about measures he took to struggle with obesity. Phentermine diet pills can be prescribed only to patients, who are familiar with any weight loss program.

Patient can tell the doctor about his successful or unsuccessful attempts to treat obesity.

  • Patient, who can tell about his diets in details, have more chances to get a prescription for Phentermine.
  • Patients, who can estimate their current or past level of physical activity, get Phentermine prescription more often than other do.
  • Patients can show the doctor their notes describing their weight management history.

One of the main factors, affecting the issuance of prescription, is a patient’s state. If obesity threatens the health of a patient, then Phentermine diet pills are prescribed without checking the history of weight management.

Prior to prescribe Phentermine diet pills, a medical examination can be conducted. Typically, this examination is aimed at checking the obesity impact on the cardiovascular system. Such impact is observed in most overweight patients.

Phentermine cannot be prescribed to patients with severe heart disease and thus this drug must be used with caution in any cardiovascular complications.

Trying to get a prescription for Phentermine, some patients embellish their level of physical activity and diet regime. When it comes to examination of cardiometabolic risks, patients must not keep anything back from the doctor.

It is recommended to tell the doctor about any illnesses or pathologies a patient has or ever had. This helps to get the prescription for Phentermine and reduces the risk of side effects.

A patient should tell the doctor if he has been taking or is taking now any medication. Phentermine diet pills should be used together with drugs that violate the work of heart or the central nervous system. In addition, Phentermine should not be used in combination with other diet pills.

Many people would like to use Phentermine diet pills, but their doctor would not prescribe it to them. Please remember that the production and sale of Phentermine is regulated by legislation in most of the developed countries for a reason. Therefore, you need a prescription for this medication.

Phentermine diet pills belong to the group of anorexigenic drugs that are similar by effect to Amphetamine. In a long-term use or Phentermine drug abuse, it can cause euphoria, drug dependence and a significant damage to health.

Phentermine diet pills are prescribed only to patients, who really need a medicamental treatment of obesity.