Phentermine has a significant impact on the brain areas responsible for the feeling of hunger, suppresses appetite and helps to reduce weight. In addition, Phentermine diet pills may have a strong impact on the cardiovascular system.

It is believed that obesity can be diagnosed if body mass index (BMI) has reached 30. Obesity is a chronic disease that contributes to the development of a number of diseases. Therefore, patients with BMI of 30-35 are recommended to take Phentermine diet pills and not to wait for the development of severe obesity.

Severe obesity significantly increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. The more severe forms of obesity, the higher the likelihood of cardiovascular complications.

Do not take Phentermine in very high blood pressure and other severe diseases of the heart. Moreover, Phentermine should be taken with caution in insignificant cardiovascular complications. Phentermine can narrow the blood vessels walls and increase blood pressure.

If you experience any cardiovascular side effects of Phentermine, seek medical advice. In rare cases, Phentermine diet pills can cause acute cerebrovascular accident (stroke) and irreversible necrosis of heart muscle.

To reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications during the use of Phentermine diet pills, all recommendations of your doctor should be observed. Do not increase the dosage and do not take more than 37.5mg of Phentermine a day. The use of Phentermine more than 12 weeks is also not recommended.

In moderate or severe cardiovascular side effects, the reduction of Phentermine dosage can be recommended. If this dose does not reduce side effects, stop using Phentermine diet pills and discuss with the doctor the possibility to replace this drug by other medicines for weight loss.

Patients taking Phentermine diet pills can be recommended to give up alcohol and smoking. Prolonged smoking affects the heart rate, reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood and may cause blood clots in blood vessels. Alcohol can disrupt blood circulation and, therefore; it is not recommended during Phentermine use.

In the long-term, the use of Phentermine diet pills can positively affect the heart function and circulatory system. In fact, after losing weight, the load on the cardiovascular system is significantly reduced.

In addition, during the use of Phentermine diet pills, a healthy diet and increase in physical activity are recommended that also has a positive effect on blood pressure, heart rate and overall health.